Speaking Information

Jason Rodriguez speaking about email marketing in front of a crowd of conference attendees. Photo credit: Emailing2020

I like teaching people.

And I’m oddly comfortable in front of a crowd, which works out well.

Over the past few years, I’ve spoken in front of thousands of people and helped them better understand email, the web, and marketing—giving them the resources and knowledge they need to improve their work, grow their businesses, and connect with subscribers and customers in the process.

Whether it’s a conference talk or a lengthy workshop, I focus on using practical examples and hands-on learning to make sure everyone takes something away that can be implemented immediately.

I’m available for conference talks, workshops, webinars, and the occasional consulting gig. Email me to get the conversation started.

Let’s Talk

Upcoming Events

Coronavirus is taking its toll on conferences this year, but right now I’m scheduled to be at:

  • Oracle MBX: Postponed until September 21-24.
  • Litmus Live 2020: Monthly in 2020.

Notable Talks

Title Event Year Slides
How Design Teams Successfully Collaborate and Hire Remotely Arc Remote Career Summit 2020 2020
Building Interactive Emails with HTML, CSS, and AMP for Email Litmus Live 2020
Creating Responsive, Accessible, and Future-Proof Emails Litmus Live 2020
How the hell do you get (and keep) email subscribers? UNSPAM 2020 View Slides
Understanding Email Design and Development Litmus Live 2019
HTML Email Development, v2 Frontend Masters 2019 View Course
Email Best Practices to Improve Usability and Accessibility Salesforce Connections 2019
Designing and Building Emails for Everyone SoundBoard 2019 View Slides
Creating Accessible HTML Email Campaigns Refresh Detroit 2019 View Slides
5 Trends Shaping the Email Marketing Industry Litmus Live 2018
Inclusive Email Marketing Emailing2020 2018 View Slides
Engaging Subscribers with High-Performance Design Litmus Live Boston 2018
Get Your Helmets: A Crash Course on Email 101 Email Evolution Conference 2018
Building Better HTML Email Campaigns HighEdWeb 17 Technical Academy 2017 View Slides
Troubleshooting Email Like a Pro Litmus Live 2017
The Principles of Email Design Litmus Live Workshops 2017
The Elements of Email Design The Email Design Conference 2016
Wait. What just happened to my email? Litmus + Sendwithus 2016
Wrapping Your Head Around Modern Email Digital Summit Detroit 2015 View Slides
Innovations and Best Practices in Email Marketing Financial Brand Forum 2015
Email at the Turning Point e-Village Inspiration Sessions 2015 View Slides
How to Avoid Broken Links, Broken Layouts, and Unhappy Subscribers Digital Marketing Day 2015 View Slides
Responsive Email Design Workshop Frontend Masters 2014
But what about email? QA Summit for Digital Marketing 2014 View Slides
Building a Community with Curated Content The Email Design Conference 2014
Designing for Emotion in Email The Email Design Conference 2014
Intermediate and Advanced Workshops The Email Design Conference 2014
Bootcamp: Building Mobile First Emails Silverpop Amplify 2014
Email in the Age of Touch Litmus 2014 View Slides

Some Past Webinars

Title Host Year Recording
Keep Customers and Build Brand Love with Email Litmus 2020 View Recording
How Email Teams Power the Marketing Machine Litmus 2020 View Recording
How Design Systems Empower Email Teams Everywhere Litmus 2020 View Recording
The Future of the Inbox Salesforce 2020 View Recording
Best Practices for Email Marketing During a Crisis Litmus 2020 View Recording
5 Productivity Killers for Email Teams Litmus + Trello 2020 View Recording
A New Email Decade: 6 Predictions on How Things Will Change Litmus 2020 View Recording
The Trends & Strategies That Will Shape Your Email Program in 2019 Litmus 2019 View Recording
Supercharge Your Transactional Emails Litmus 2019 View Recording
The Email Metrics You Should Measure—And How to Turn Them into Action Litmus 2019 View Recording
What Makes a Really Good Newsletter Litmus 2019 View Recording
Email Accessibility—How to Make Email for Everyone in 3 Easy Steps Litmus 2019 View Recording
Walkthrough of the New Litmus Platform Litmus 2019 View Recording
What it Takes to Scale Your Email Program Litmus + Salesforce 2019 View Recording
The Secrets to Really Good Email Personalization Litmus 2019 View Recording
Optimizing Your Email Workflow—5 Pain Points That Slow You Down Litmus 2019 View Recording
Really Good Email Design Trends: Past, Present, and Future Litmus 2019 View Recording
The State of Email in 2018: 5 Insights from the Litmus Team Litmus 2018 View Recording
WP-Tonic Interview WP-Tonic 2018 View Recording
Email Workflows that Work: 5 Trends to Help You Create Better Emails Faster Litmus 2018 View Recording
The Trends Transforming the Email Service Provider Landscape Litmus 2018 View Recording
Supercharge Your Welcome and Onboarding Emails Litmus 2018 View Recording
How to Utilize the Power of Gmail’s New Promotions Tab Litmus 2018 View Recording
Wait! What just happened to my email? Litmus 2016 View Recording
Know Your Audience: How Strategic, Data-Driven Campaigns Get Real Results Litmus 2014 View Recording