My Work: Delivering

The cover art for the Delivering podcast. Design credit: Igor Izhik

Delivering is a podcast about the email marketing industry.

Over the course of two years, Kevin Mandeville and I released 98 episodes of one of the original email-focused podcasts, The Email Design Podcast.

While I loved that podcast, its focus was myopic. Delivering widens that focus by digging into everything from strategy to design, code to leadership, and a whole lot more. Delivering features interviews with leading industry experts, analysis of recent industry trends, overviews of tools and products for marketers, and a whole slew of opinions built up after spending the last decade in the weeds of email marketing.

As the sole producer and host, I handle everything from content strategy to scheduling interviews, post-production, and publishing. With the help of Whitney, Jaina, Alice, Lily, and Chase, we try to get it in front of as many people as we can.

You can subscribe to Delivering on iTunes, Spotify, or most major podcast apps.