My Work: Frontend Masters

Jason speaking at Frontend Masters. Photo credit: Frontend Masters

Frontend Masters is an online learning platform for expert developers.

It consists of longform, in-depth workshops from some of the top minds in frontend development. I’m humbled to be listed among the ranks of Marcy Sutton, Kyle Simpson, Sarah Drasner, Jason Pamental, Kristina Halvorson, Rachel Nabors, and Douglas Crockford.

My current course, HTML Email Development v2, is a modern take on a course originally delivered with my good friend (and former colleague) Justine Jordan. It’s a fast-paced introduction to HTML email coding for people that already have a thorough understanding of HTML and CSS, and goes over topics like coding foundations, accessibility, multiple responsive design techniques, and interactivity.

It’s been watched over 13,000 hours and is used by developers at major companies around the world to bring their email campaigns into the 21st century.