My Work: The Better Email

A screenshot of video from The Better Email course.

The Better Email is a no-bullshit course on email design and development.

It’s the follow-up to my second book, Professional Email Design, and consists of 225 pages of practical instruction and over 6 hours of step-by-step video tutorials on modern email development techniques. You can imagine all the code that covers…

First published in 2017, it has been updated over the years to reflect the changing state of email design. Recent additions include content focused on creating more accessible emails and building interactive HTML email campaigns.

It’s been used by hundreds of email designers to improve their skills and their emails. Here’s what a few have said about The Better Email:

Jason’s books bring much needed clarity in the confusing world of email design. Fewer headaches, better emails!

Massimo Arrigoni

I thought I already had many tricks and tactics down pat, but time and again as I kept reading I found myself SMH as you presented a more elegant, supported, and email client-friendly way to accomplish the same or better! Bravo!

Lenny Tafro

Jason’s book was a lifesaver when I started doing email. As someone who came from a web background before, you couldn’t have asked for a better crash course into the mad world of email.

Dermot Hughes